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The primary mission of the BOCS Civilization Planning Foundation is to help those experiencing unmet contraception needs – that is Unintended Pregnancies Averted (UPA). We appreciate the many organisations, institutions, companies, services, media, projects, events, celebrities, politicians, intellectuals, artists, spiritual groups, movements  and individuals around the world working to achieve UPA.

This call for proposals offers carbon neutralisation for such organisations, institutions, companies, services, media, projects, events, celebrities, politicians, intellectuals, artists, spiritual groups, movements and individuals helping Unintended Pregnancies Averted (UPA). In other words, we can offset their carbon footprint so that they are more recognised and rewarded for their climate awareness. This will gain them more publicity, recognition, donations, support, and strengthen their UPA work.

The main obstacles of contraception are social pressure, misconceptions, fear of side effects, lack of information etc. Thus, lobbying, media, advocacy, education, research, networking, aid, services, arts, support etc. can be very effective in helping people with unmet contraception needs.*

If your work, project, event, service, product, action etc. has UPA results (helping Unintended Pregnancies Averted), you are eligible to apply for BOCS carbon neutralisation.

Applicants may also be invited to take part in a call for applications for financial support.

How to apply?

  1. Enter your details: name, contact, nature (person, organisation, event, project, service, product, etc.).
  2. Summarise which of your sub-activities have an UPA result. Where, when did it take place?
  3. Estimate the budget for each of these sub-activities.
  4. Calculate the carbon footprint of each of these sub-activities using our carbon footprint calculator:
    Carbon Footprint Calculator | BOCS Foundation
  5. If you receive carbon neutral certification from BOCS, how can you make this known and how will it help you in your future UPA work?

Applications are welcome to

Next deadline: 30 April, 2024.

Gyula I. Simonyi

BOCS Civilization Planning Foundation

Global education since 1975 (Encyclopaedia of Environment, 1993, 2002)
Hungarian member of,,, Inspire-partnership,, awarded by the Scientific Association of Hungarian Ecologists (MÖTE), the first (1995) East-European member of ICBL (Nobel Peace Prize 1997).
Thailand experience 1992: Family planning is Human Right (UN, 1968)


Contraception is pleasure planning, liberation of love and nature. Planning that the possible future child, the woman and the man, the family, the society and the entire living world have the most joy during their lifetime.

Contraception is magical! In fact, it is…

  • a human right (United Nations, 1968);
  • the most effective climate protection;
  • the most effective environment and nature protection;
  • the key to rising out of poverty;
  • the key to women’s empowerment and education for girls;
  • the key to reduce maternal and infant mortality;
  • the key to the physical and mental health of the possible future child;
  • reduces the risk of epidemics; and
  • mitigates conflicts, and violence and migration.

To help unintended pregnancies averted (UPA) is a highly effective climate protection. The BOCS Quality Family Planning Standard (QFPS) can quantify the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission averted. The resulting carbon credits can be used for carbon offsetting. page 27.